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Name: Mary Allen Lindemann & Alan Spear

Childhood Dream: 

Mary Allen Lindemann: To become a poet/performance artist traveling around the world spreading words of peace and love!

Alan Spear: To become an award winning architect and design modern buildings.

First encounter with coffee: 

Mary Allen Lindemann: I came to coffee at a later age being a child of the soft drink generation.  I remember in my late twenties moving to Seattle and having an espresso drink at Torrefazione Italia and realizing that this was something special.

Alan Spear: When I opened a can of coffee in the morning when I was 3 years old. I still remember the aroma wafting from the can.

AHA Moment for your business: 

Mary Allen Lindemann: When we turned down a proposal which would have doubled our size in a year.  I realized then that growing in a thoughtful sustainable manner would mean a strong foundation for the company while allowing us to improve infrastructure as needed to grow and maintain our culture!

Alan Spear: An AHA moment that comes to mind was the dramatic difference between running a wholesale roasting business and a retail coffee house. 

What cofee have you enjoyed lately: 

Mary Allen Lindemann:  I love the Guatemala Atitlan Finca Los Andes.  I the enjoy the quality of the cup but the story behind the farm and the discovery of the coffee farm for me.   I had the opportunity to visit this farm and meet the Hazard family when I first travelled to Guatemala in 2011.  It took 5 years to bring one of their lots in, but the memory of my visit and subsequent one there combined with the amazing taste made it worth the wait!

Alan Spear: Kenya Kamba Uichuna Estate.

Success means to me: 

Mary Allen Lindemann:  Staying true to my core personal values as we grow as a company.  I was raised to believe that those to whom much is given, much is to be expected. Through coffee and how we conduct our business, I know that one cup of coffee can change the world.  I hope that because of our efforts our local as well as worldwide community will thrive, not just survive and what makes each community unique is maintained.  Success will also mean that my daughter understands this vision as well and will keep close to her heart in whatever she does now and when older.   

Alan Spear: Finding time to spend with family and friends

Goals for current year: 

Mary Allen Lindemann: I hope CBD will launch a bottled or canned cold brew product, develop an updated training program for both our wholesale accounts as well as our own stores and we employ a full time tech for equipment installation and repair! 
Personally, I hope to complete writing a one woman show I have been writing off an on for four years….
Alan Spear: Every year my goal is finding unique and delicious coffee from farms around the world. Another goal is expanding our cold brew coffee program to wholesale distribution and single origin coffee in kegs.

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