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Carrier Roasting Co.


Name: Ross Evans and Scott Kerner

Childhood Dream: 

Ross: I always wanted to be a professional basketball player. Totally delusional, but I guess that’s why it’s called a dream!

Scott: I wanted to be a rock star!

First encounter with coffee: 

Ross: My first time drinking coffee was on my first date with the woman who is now my wife. I started drinking coffee kind of later in life I guess. I was 24 and it was at a Starbucks near Boston Common. I think I ordered a regular coffee and probably dumped loads of milk and sugar in it;)

Scott: I remember my Poppop (grandfather) in New Jersey going to the dinner in the afternoon to have coffee and pie. I always thought that was weird, but it’s the earliest memory I have of coffee.

AHA Moment for your business: 

Scott: When Sean Lawson, of Lawson’s Finest Liquids approached us for a collaboration beer. Sean is one of the most well-respected brewers in the country and he sought us out to collaborate on a beer for the Vermont Brewer’s Fest. Carrier Mild was what he called it and it’s still a beer in his monthly brewing schedule. That experience led us to the AHA Moment, we concluded that coffee would probably follow the same path as craft beer.  

Ross: That was definitely a huge “aha” for us. We knew coffee drinkers were as passionate as beer drinkers, but that moment really signaled to us that coffee was on a similar trajectory as beer in Vermont. Since the first Lawson’s collaboration we’ve partnered with a number of other brewers, including Hill Farmstead and Tree House Brewing, and it’s been really cool to introduce our brand to craft beer drinkers and see them make the shift to craft coffee drinkers.

What cofee have you enjoyed lately: 

Ross: We just cupped some yellow and red honey processed coffees from one of our farm partners out of Costa Rica that were really amazing. We haven’t gotten them into the production roaster yet, but I’m really excited to.

Scott: Recently visited Tandem Coffee Roasters while in Portland, ME and tried the Kenya Nyeri Peaberry they had at their shops and it was really good.

Success means to me: 

Ross: It’s a great feeling to know that our customers sit around a table and talk about life, their plans, plot their careers, talk about their dreams while sipping our coffee. That can mean we sell 10 pounds a week or a 1000…as long as we’re at the center of inspiring people every day, than we’re a success.

Scott: Exactly. Ultimately, success means we have satisfied, happy and inspired customers. Period.

Goals for current year: 

Right now we’re really focused on finding a new roastery and tasting room space.  We’re 99% sure we have the one we want. So the big goal for the next year is nailing down that space and opening up the new shop. We’re probably 10 months away from realizing that goal, but it’s pretty cool and we’re super excited about it, stay tuned!

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